Terms and conditions

S1. Access is provided subject to agreement to these terms and conditions, where 'us' refers to Huntle ltd, 'you' referrs to te user of our services and 'reward provider' referrs to any third part offering promotions through the Huntle application or website. Intellectual Property

S2. No part of the Huntle app or huntle.com may be copied, modified or used for any other purpose without the prior agreement of Huntle ltd. The Huntle logo, marketing and all other materials relating to the Huntle brand may not be copied or reproduced in any way without prior consent of Huntle ltd. Access and use of Huntle app/Huntle.com

S3. Access is provided to the Hunts contained on the Huntle app following redemption of a voucher, allowing the user access to the Hunt of their choice for the duration of the game. While playing the Huntle app children must be supervised by a responsible adult.

S4. The user must exercise reasonable care and maintain awareness of their surroundings at all times wile playing Huntle. Huntle ltd explicitly excludes liability for loss or injury suffered as a result of playing the the Huntle app, in addition to any damage incurred by third partys. This includes any damage resulting from the downloading or installation of the application itself.

S5. Hunts are provided and maintained by the venu owners and Huntle ltd accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of such content. In the event that the content/questions contained in a hunt are no longer accurate, please notify us by using the link within the app, or by emailing hello@huntle.com. a refund will be available subject to s5.

S6. While we try to maintain the continuation of ournservice, in the event that the Huntle application does not work, or the conditions contained in s4 are met a refund may be available from the venu where the access code was purchased. Refunds are subject to the discression of our third party providers where applicable. Rewards

S7. Rewards are provided by third parties and are subject to seperate terms and conditions as stipulated by the reward provider. Huntle ltd accepts no responsibility for the quality or availability of rewards.